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Our professional accounting team with multiannual experience offers high-quality expert accounting and bookkeeping services.

Ana Accounting offers the entire portfolio of bookkeeping and accounting services that you need. Our clients receive 24/7 free consultancy within our biggest service package.

  1. Registration of limited liability companies, entrepreneurs and lump sum taxpayers
  2. Standard accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Keeping general ledger
  • Keeping subsidiary analytical records (Analytical accounting of customers and suppliers)
  • Making inventory calculations
  • Inventory and material accounting operations
  • Keeping sales and purchase ledger
  • Keeping records and calculation of fixed assets depreciation
  • Preparation of company’s annual financial statement (Balance sheet, Income statement, Statistical annex)
  1. Calculation of wages and other personal incomes of employees and founder(s)
  • Registration and deregistration of employees
  • Preparation of M-4 form for the registry of employment and insurance data
  • Calculation of wages and preparation of accompanying documents on payment of wages
  • Preparation of transfer orders on payment of related taxes and contributions
  • Calculation of paid leave benefits (sick leave up to and exceeding 30 days, maternity leave)
  • Fees applied to special service, temporary and part-time service contracts, etc.
  • Calculation of dividends, rent fees, as well as all limited non-taxable fees
  1. Tax Administration related operations
  • Value added tax
  • Preparation of the Tax balance sheet
  • Income tax return
  • Individual tax return
  • Balance adjustments and bank reconciliation
  • Settlement of all obligations in the Tax Administration branch offices
  1. Payment operation services
  • Electronic banking services (e-banking)
  • Realization of transfer orders
  • Foreign payment transactions
  1. Preparation of transfer pricing reports
  2. Analysis of business management and calculation of outcomes as per clients’ requests

8. Forewarning on accounting irregularities, wherewith we secure structured and accurate keeping of business records